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    e-Biz Technologies has provided our technology needs for many years now. It has included system integration, software development, disaster recovery planning and transformation. They have done a fantastic job and we consider e-Biz Technologies part of our technology team.

    – Mark

    We engaged with e-Biz Technologies to clean up a massively complex and dysfunctional e-Commerce web site, and their team not only located and corrected the issues, but made and subsequently implemented exceptional recommendations to improve the system response time, ease the maintenance processes, and reduce our operating costs. Additionally, they delivered it all on time and on budget! I highly recommend e-Biz Technologies and look forward to working with they again.

    – Retail Industry

    e-Biz Technologies was brought in to do a large migration project for us. They did a fantastic. The project was managed successfully and in a professional manor. We were kept involved in all stages of the project. All deadlines were met and our expectations were exceeded.

    – Financial Services Industry
  • Portals have become a widespread means to offer diverse, personalized information and transactional capabilities without significant rework of an organization’s technical infrastructure. e-Biz Technologies can help you architect and deploy a portal that will allow you to centrally manage your infrastructure while allowing distributed design and development of portal applications.

    Business portals are a cost-effective means of communicating information and transacting business with your customers, suppliers, partners, and employees. Through a single point of entry, portals enable users to access critical business systems and information that reside inside and outside of your company, fostering a closer, stronger relationship between you and them.

    e-Biz Technologies can help you architect and deploy a portal that is well-suited to our clients. We work with our clients on a development path that allows for frequent validation with the portal’s intended users. This allows us to develop a usable portal that its target audience is most likely to adopt.

    Our portal solution offering includes:

    • Customer Portals
    • Business-to-Business Portals
    • Enterprise Portals
    What is a portal?

    Simply put, a portal is software that aggregates and presents content; whether it is contained in documents, applications, Web sites, databases, or external sources like news feeds or applications; along with services related to that content. Ideally, portals present content in a secure, flexible manner that can reflect individual user preferences and needs. They also typically include a range of tools for content oriented tasks such as collaboration, information retrieval and document or content management. Through the use of a modular, flexible interface components -commonly referred to as “portlets” – they can enable process-level integration that supports workflow, transaction management and collaborative business processes. The goal of the latest generation of portal solutions is to leverage all of these capabilities to deliver unified, managed access to all forms of business applications and to extend common business processes to more users.

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