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    e-Biz Technologies has provided our technology needs for many years now. It has included system integration, software development, disaster recovery planning and transformation. They have done a fantastic job and we consider e-Biz Technologies part of our technology team.

    – Mark

    We engaged with e-Biz Technologies to clean up a massively complex and dysfunctional e-Commerce web site, and their team not only located and corrected the issues, but made and subsequently implemented exceptional recommendations to improve the system response time, ease the maintenance processes, and reduce our operating costs. Additionally, they delivered it all on time and on budget! I highly recommend e-Biz Technologies and look forward to working with they again.

    – Retail Industry

    e-Biz Technologies was brought in to do a large migration project for us. They did a fantastic. The project was managed successfully and in a professional manor. We were kept involved in all stages of the project. All deadlines were met and our expectations were exceeded.

    – Financial Services Industry
  • Enterprise data architecture has several components and includes many variables like technology, hardware, software, network distribution and application suites. Unlike simplistic examples presented in a classroom, data architecture in a real enterprise is extremely complex. Data is everywhere–there’s critical information hidden in desktop applications that the IT department is not aware of and there’s business information sitting in legacy applications.

    It’s important to conduct a thorough business process analysis and take into account every possible data storage before coming up with the data architecture. In a typical organization, data is duplicated across multiple applications and across multiple departments. These factors coupled with the IT department’s goals would drive the data modeling approach to be adapted.

    e-Biz Technologies Provides Enterprise Data Architecture Support

    Understanding and analyzing the enterprise data architecture while keeping in view objective requirements of the business will help identify redundant or non-optimal points. To make corrections and to increase efficiency of data acquisition, storage and usage, user input is essential. Thus, it becomes a project where the IT department has to work with functional business managers to come up with solutions to every related issue.

    Embarking on such a project, while maintaining an objective outlook on the goals, could be challenging for the IT department. e-Biz Technologies can step in with its experienced consultants to research, document and construct an enterprise data architecture that takes into account the needs of today, as well as the future. Contact us today to get started in building an architecture that’s efficient, flexible and simple.

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