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    e-Biz Technologies has provided our technology needs for many years now. It has included system integration, software development, disaster recovery planning and transformation. They have done a fantastic job and we consider e-Biz Technologies part of our technology team.

    – Mark

    We engaged with e-Biz Technologies to clean up a massively complex and dysfunctional e-Commerce web site, and their team not only located and corrected the issues, but made and subsequently implemented exceptional recommendations to improve the system response time, ease the maintenance processes, and reduce our operating costs. Additionally, they delivered it all on time and on budget! I highly recommend e-Biz Technologies and look forward to working with they again.

    – Retail Industry

    e-Biz Technologies was brought in to do a large migration project for us. They did a fantastic. The project was managed successfully and in a professional manor. We were kept involved in all stages of the project. All deadlines were met and our expectations were exceeded.

    – Financial Services Industry
  • The data warehouse architecture is the skeleton on which your data warehouse is built. It’s ideally planned before implementing a data warehouse. However, in a lot of businesses, it often develops in an unplanned way as business needs of the enterprise are identified. This unplanned growth stymies the flexibility of the architecture and hence affects its ability to serve business needs.

    The data warehouse architecture takes into account both the technical and data aspects of the system. A robust architecture will be able to extract data from multiple sources, process it through a transformation module that would include cleansing, converting, aggregating and auditing, and then upload to the warehouse. The resulting set is then delivered either to end-users and loaded to data marts.

    Designing Your Data Warehouse Architecture

    At e-Biz Technologies, we understand that a well thought out and professionally designed data warehouse architecture will enable it to expand and grow with increasing demands from its users. Our highly skilled professionals will research your business needs and design both the technical and the infrastructure architecture in a way that can grow and accommodate the needs of an expanding enterprise. In the end, you will have an in-house system that’s primed to support your business needs to remain competitive in the market place, while retaining the flexibility to cater to tomorrow’s needs.

    Our professionals at e-Biz Technologies have years of experience researching, designing and developing data warehouse for enterprises. We understand the needs of small to medium sized businesses, as well as large distributed enterprises. Contact us for more information on how e-Biz Technologies can help you leverage your enterprise data.

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