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    e-Biz Technologies has provided our technology needs for many years now. It has included system integration, software development, disaster recovery planning and transformation. They have done a fantastic job and we consider e-Biz Technologies part of our technology team.

    – Mark

    We engaged with e-Biz Technologies to clean up a massively complex and dysfunctional e-Commerce web site, and their team not only located and corrected the issues, but made and subsequently implemented exceptional recommendations to improve the system response time, ease the maintenance processes, and reduce our operating costs. Additionally, they delivered it all on time and on budget! I highly recommend e-Biz Technologies and look forward to working with they again.

    – Retail Industry

    e-Biz Technologies was brought in to do a large migration project for us. They did a fantastic. The project was managed successfully and in a professional manor. We were kept involved in all stages of the project. All deadlines were met and our expectations were exceeded.

    – Financial Services Industry
  • Data migration is the transformation and transfer of data between different computers, formats or storage types. If you are upgrading technology, moving to a new enterprise application or developing a data warehouse, data migration is something you cannot avoid. The challenge of a successful data migration is not in the technicalities of the migration but in preserving the underlying business meaning of the data elements.

    When you prepare to develop a data warehouse, data from your various applications and systems needs to be brought into the warehouse in a single format, retaining a singular definition. This will need substantial analysis of each of the data sources to understand the business implication of each data element, and to enable removal of duplicate data. No doubt, this is a challenging undertaking in large enterprises where data is scattered across systems, departments and even countries. Why Are Data Migration Projects Such A Challenge?

    Call the Data Migration Specialists at e-Biz Technologies

    At e-Biz Technologies, our consultants are well versed in all methods of data migration. Their experience in implementing multiple data warehousing applications has exposed them to a variety of enterprise environments where data needs to be migrated from several sources before creating the warehouse. We are well prepared to deliver a solution to any data migration situation you have.

    We remain at the forefront of technology and new developments by partnering with industry leaders. Thus we have access to the latest and best tools to aid in any data migration situation.

    Contact us immediately to get your data migration project underway.

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